More reasons to enter the Dyalog Problem-solving competition

A few weeks ago I mentioned the Dyalog APL annual problem-solving competition.

I've been researching previous contests, and wanted to share my findings.

It's worth entering, even if you don't know APL.

Many of the previous winners learned APL just for the competition. They spent a few days learning the language, and a few more working on the contest problems. Some won top prizes (worth $2000 this year).

It's worth re-entering, even if you entered last year.

Many of the winners had applied before. Some even won prizes in successive years.

It's worth entering wherever you live.

Winners have come from all over the world.

It's worth entering even if you don't win.

I've taken this list of reasons from my forthcoming introduction to APL. (The book should be available in time to help you with your competition entries!)

5 good reasons to learn this powerful language
  1. APL is concise and expressive, so you can try out new ideas very quickly.
  2. APL is focused on arrays, so it will change the way you think about programming.
  3. APL is challenging and fun, so it will stretch your mind.
  4. The APL community is full of bright and helpful people, so you will expand your network of contacts.
  5. The demand for APL developers exceeds the supply, so knowing APL can help you find a job.


Sign up today!

You can find out more about the competition on the Dyalog website.

Sign up today.


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