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APL and Python go head-to-head

Markdown is great, but... I've encountered a problem. I use Markdown a lot. Since it's pure text-based markup, it's handled well by Git and GitHub. That helps me keep track of versions, and it simplifies text merges if I'm collaborating on a writing project. A lot of my writing features Python code, and I like to work on the code and the article in the same editor. Fortunately there's great support for editing and displaying Markdown in both PyCharm and VS Code . Markdown is supported by lots of FOSS tools which make it easy to convert between Markdown and other formats. I regularly use pandoc to turn Markdown in to pdfs and to publish on Leanpub , and I use the markdown package to convert Markdown files into HTML which I can paste into Blogger. (Pandoc can create HTML but the output is not directly usable in Blogger.) So I have a problem. Much of markdown is standardised but the pandoc and markdown programs handle code blocks differently.