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Three reasons to love guizero

I'm working on a Quiz runner project for my forthcoming book on the micro:bit. The first version worked, but it was much too complicated and very hard to test. After weeks of frustration I decided to go back to the drawing board and try a different approach. The current design is shaping up well. It uses a conventional computer as well as micro-bits, and the program that runs on the big computer needs a Gui. The micro:bit connected to the computer acts as a radio receiver; the micro:bits for each team transmit a signal when the team wants to answer a question. The person running the quiz sees that a team is buzzed and asks them for their answer. Then they tell the program whether the answer is right or wrong so the computer can keep score. The program on the computer needs a Gui. I've played with @codeboom 's guizero before, and liked it, so I decided to use it for the project. It's turned out to be an excellent choice, for several reasons: guizero h