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reggie - readable regular expressions in Python

Regular Expressions are powerful but they can be hard to tame. There’s an old programmer’s joke: A programmer has a problem, and she decides to use regular expressions. Now she has two problems. Unless you use regular expressions regularly (sorry for the awful pun!), they can be Hard to read Hard to write Hard to debug reggie makes regular expressions readable and easy to use. I've used regular expressions for a number of projects over the years, but the idea for reggie came about a decade ago. I was working on a project where we had to parse CDRs (Call Detail Records). These are text files that Telecommunication Service Providers use to identify calls and other services billable to their customers. The CDRs we received were CSV files with a complex format and we decided to use regexes (Regular Expressions) to verify and interpret them. We liked regexes, but they were less popular with our business analysts. The BAs were happy with our Java code, but they