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Quantum Computing with qiskit on the Raspberry Pi

IBM Quantum Computer Quantum Computing is fascinating, and you can now explore it with a Raspberry Pi! IBM have created Qiskit , a very accessible Python-based framework for Quantum Computing. You can install qiskit on Linux, OS X and Windows platforms. You can even install it directly on the Raspberry Pi, though the installation is a little tricky and takes quite a while. ( Image copyright IBM ) Qiskit supports the IBM Quantum Experience - a collection of tools and tutorials that enable you to learn about Quantum Computing. You can explore qiskit via the web or install a local copy. You can even submit your own Quantum Circuits to run on IBM's publicly available Quantum Computers.  If you're looking for interesting STEM topics to explore, Quantum Computing is worth a look. If you can use a jupyter notebook to run simple Python code you can explore the qiskit examples. If you have a basic background in linear algebra and complex numbers you can understand the