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Draw pictures on your Pico!

Would you like to draw pictures on your Pico?  A while ago I experimented with sketcher - a program for the Rasperry Pi Pico that connected to a Raspberry Pi. The Pico had two potentiometers that you could use to move a virtual pen in the Pi; the Pi ran the turtle graphics package which it used to draw the pictures. The project was fun, and I wondered how easy it would be to run a similar program that would use a display with the Pico. That potential project sat in my pending tray for ages, but I recently got an incentive to re-visit it. A new resource Pimoroni have asked me to write a booklet for their Pico Explorer Base . I've been a fan of the product since it first came out, and I'm really enjoying a chance to revisit its awesome capabilities. I decided I'd write a simple sketcher program that ran on the Pico. It uses two potentiometers to move a virtual pen up/down and left/right. The pen draws on the Explorer base display. I've now got a simple version running, a