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ChatGPT Meets de Bono: A Powerful Combo

I'm struggling to make a decision at the moment, so I've enlisted the help of ChatGPT. I am experimenting a lot with some of the new AI tools, and it's a bit like playing whack-a-mole at the moment; as soon as I get to grips with one bit of software, another appears and demands my attention. A lot of what I'm doing is based on OpenAI's ChatGPT. I'm concerned that I'll spend too much on paid services, so I am actively looking at Open Source alternatives that I could run locally. Alas, many Large Language Models (LLMs) are too resource-hungry to run on my workstation, and I've been thinking of trying out a Jetson Xavier which I'm not using at the moment. Worth the time? I know I'll need to spend a few days getting to the point where I know whether I can use it for the projects I have in mind. Should I invest the time? I decide to take a Judo approach and use ChatGPT to help me make the decision. I used a prompt that's worked well for me before

Finding the Best Solution with ChatGPT: A Personal Experience

When you're developing software for technically savvy users, you'll often encounter an annoying problem: users provide their preferred solution instead of their requirements. This issue is even more pronounced when you are both developer and user. In such situations, you're likely to choose the first solution that seems to meet your needs, even though there might be better alternatives. Pair programming can help, as your partner can spot what's going on and suggest other ideas. But what if you're programming on your own? That's where ChatGPT comes in handy. ChatGPT to the Rescue I've recently been working on an application that downloads interesting arXiv PDFs, and I wanted to access them remotely. I could think of a couple of ways to do that, but I decided to ask ChatGPT for advice. I used a prompt that had been helpful before: " Suggest three ways I could accomplish that, with the pros, cons, and interesting features of each approach. " I present