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Installing Jax on the Jetson Nano

Yesterday I got Jax running on a Jetson Nano. There's been some online interest and I promised to describe the installation. I'll cover the process below but first I'll briefly explain What's Jax, and why do I want it? tldr: The cool kids have moved from Tensorflow to Jax.   If you're interested in AI and Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) you'll have heard of Google's TensorFlow. Tensorflow with Keras makes it easy to build an ANNs from standard software components train the network test it and deploy it into production Even better: TensorFlow can take advantage of a GPU or TPU if they are available, which allows a dramatic speedup of the training process. That's a big deal because training a complex network from scratch might take weeks of computer time. However , I find it hard to get TensorFlow and its competitors to use novel network architectures.  I am currently exploring types of  network that I can't implement easily in TensorFlow. I could c