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Totem - the Meccano replacement for 21C Makers

Totem kit Totem and Pimoroni have combined forces to make my Christmas very early this year! Earlier this month I discovered Totem Maker kits . I bought a 2 wheel drive bluetooth robot and was delighted at how easy it was to assemble and drive. Totem are based on Vilnius, but my first order arrived quickly. I have a couple more robot designs in the pipeline and decided to use one of the larger Totem kits for prototyping them. Some of the kits are now stocked by Pimoroni , so I ordered one, along with the extra components I needed for the next robot. The kit appeared the next day. Instructions   The Totem kit is beautifully packaged and the instructions are outstanding: visually attractive, clear and easy to follow. I'll report on progress as I work on the robot design. I'll be showing the end result at next month's Margate Raspberry Jam and at the London Arduino Maker day in March. I'll post more details here as they become available. Jetson Nano U