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When mu is not enough...

I'm working on a micro:bit project book at the moment, and the current chapter covers a Quiz runner application. It needs multiple micro:bits. For testing I need at least three, one for the Quiz runner and one for each of two competing teams. Although the micro:bits have different roles, they are all running the same software. The Quiz runner identifies her micro:bit by pressing button A; her micro:bit then sends a radio invitation for the other micro:bits to check in, team by team. From then on each micro:bit knows its role and can behave appropriately.   Mu and PyCharm   I normally use Nicholas Tollervey's excellent mu editor for MicroPython development, but the Quiz runner program is more complex than most. I am using Git to commit versions as the development progresses. Mu's minimalist design makes it very easy to learn. To keep it simple it has no integration with version control applications like Git, so I am using JetBrains' PyCharm . A few wee