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Shrimping It at Cambridge

Make your own Arduino clone I've just come back from a Shrimping workshop at the /dev/winter conference in Cambridge. I've run quite a few of these workshops now, and they have all been fun. Participants build the Shrimp , a low-cost Arduino clone on a breadboard, and start learning to program it using the Arduino IDE. The Shrimp was developed by the Makers of Morecambe. The Morecambe Maker I've met is Cefn Hoile; he maintains the website and provides kits at an unbeatable price. ...and what to do next Several of the workshop participants asked for advice about what to do next. There's a huge amount of information about Arduino techniques, libraries, shields and projects, but that's a problem in itself. Where do you start? One option is to take the free Life After Blink e-course I put together for people who'd attended my Shrimping It! workshops. It's a series of online lessons, along with a google groups support group. At some stage I wil