Learn APL on the $5 Raspberry Pi

APL is one of the most productive programming languages ever invented, and it's available free on all models of the Raspberry Pi.

I've just launched an early access version of an Introductory eBook, and it's free for the next seven days.

You should read this book if you want to
• find out what programming in APL is like
• learn how to use the language effectively
• decide if APL is appropriate for your project
• take part in the Dyalog annual APL problem-solving competition

The fast-paced introductory text will teach you the core of the language in a few short, fun sessions.

Once you've finished the book you'll get links to free resources you can use to master the rest of APL's amazing capabilities.

The book is only 30% complete at present, but if you 'buy' the free version now you'll pay nothing for the book, and you'll get free updates as soon as they are published.

I'll start to increase the price next Sunday, and it will continue to go up as the book nears completion.

So don't wait - click here to get it now!


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