Help me with a book title and win a Raspberry Pi model 3!

I need a snappy title for a book.

The book is an introduction to the Dyalog implementation of theAPL programming language.

The book is aimed primarily at people learning it on the Raspberry Pi.

APL runs on all models of the Pi, including the £4/$5 Pi zero shown on the right.

You can download a copy of Dyalog APL for the Pi here.

If you submit a title as a comment, if you are the first to submit it, and if I use it, I will send you a Raspberry Pi model 3 complete with a power supply and an SD card.

No royalties, though, and you will need to find a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

If you have a Pi already I will send one to the beneficiary of your choice.

Pi3B - Image (c) the Raspberry Pi Foundation

The book is not yet complete but it should be available in early access format on Leanpub in a few days time.

Have a go - post your title below.


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