Mapping Kent Beck's Mind :)

If you don't work in Software you may never have heard of Kent Beck but he's had a huge influence on the way we test and write code.

Yesterday Kent posted a fascinating list on Facebook. He shared some of the key ideas that guide his thinking.

The post is interesting, and stimulating, but it's a wall of text. I love reading, but I also like to think visually, so I started to mind map what he wrote.

It's slowly growing.

The map source (made with Freeplane) and images are now on GitHub.

Kent suggested that this might be the basis of a workshop:

Seems like this could turn into a workshop pretty easily. Spend three days mapping your current ideas, figuring out the holes you want to fill, what you want to eliminate.

Three days sounds a lot, but maybe we could do a shorter version via a google hangout. Anyone interested? If so, please comment.


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