Arduino e-Book - reviewers wanted. Might you be one?

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I’m about to publish an e-Book for Arduino Experimenters

It’s called Life after Blink!

I’m looking for a small team of reviewers who can check it over for bugs and suggest improvements.

Might you be interested?

The book describes 5 experiments:

  1. Fortune Cookie server
  2. Morse flasher
  3. Counter/LED ripple display
  4. Button and Buzzer
  5. LDR (photocell)  and bar level indicator

The experiments use readily available components, but there is a kit of parts available for those who prefer.

If you are selected as a reviewer you will get a free copy of the kit, and you will get a free copy of the e-book with updates throughout its lifetime.

If you think you might enjoy reviewing Life after Blink, click here to register your interest. I’ll send you a link to a short online survey. There’s no obligation, I won’t spam you, and you’ll get 75% off the price of the book even if you don’t review it.


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