Getting started with Pimoroni's Tiny 4WD Rover

Kit contents with extras

I just finished my book on the Pimoroni Explorer HAT, and I'm celebrating!

I have treated myself to a Tiny 4WD Rover kit.

It looks a lot of fun, and should be simple to assemble. The product page has a link to a great blog post from Emma Norling which has detailed build instructions. I'll be following that closely.

I have already encountered one  minor gotcha.

You need a few extras over and above the parts in the kit.

Some of them are mentioned on the product page (battery, Pi zero W), but Emma found she needed spacers to mount the Explorer pHAT on the Pi zero W. I have suitable spacers in stock so I think I'll be OK.

I also got a LIPO shim and a USB charger.

Once I've completed the build I'll document it and provide a link on this blog.

A nice bonus if you hurry! 

Pimoroni are currently offering a free Pi Zero WH for customers spending more than £100 (excluding postage). The offer ends soon, but I managed to get my order in on time which got me the brains for the kit!

HAT book update

I mentioned that I'd finshed Explorer HAT tricks. It's got all the planned content, code and images; I'm wating for feedback from my copy editor and a few reviewers, so it may change a bit. Since the book is on Leanpub, readers will get any upgrades free.

The book price (currently $8 + tax) goes up again on Monday, so if you are thinking of getting it, buy it now! There's a 45-day money back guarantee so it's a risk-free purchase.


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