A new Raspberry Pi robot joins the family

Yesterday saw the arrival of a Raspberry Pi robot kit from The Pi Hut, and I'm finding it hard not to drop everything and have a play.

The Pi Hut has close links with CamJam. CamJam is, I think, the first Raspberry Jam, based in the Cambridge area.

Working with The Pi Hut they have created three excellent EduKits: inexpensive, fun kits which introduce Raspberry Pi owners of all owners to the fun of physical computing.

The earlier kits came with excellent instructions and the Robot kit does too. I'm sure I will succumb to temptation and start exploring the kit in the next day or two. Expect a progress report soon.

My immediate priority is more urgent. I'm talking at the BAA meeting tomorrow, and I need to make sure I'm properly prepared.

Dyalog Visit

I nearly blew it earlier this week. I went along to visit my friends at Dyalog to talk about my neural network research and show them APL running on the new Pi zero.

I thought I had taken everything I needed, but I forgot to take a USB hub. I won't repeat that mistake tomorrow, as I expect there will be a lot of interest in the newest member of the Pi family.

BAA meeting tomorrow - 19th May

If you're an APLer, current or lapsed, and can get to central London tomorrow, do come along to the meeting. I think there are a few places left. Go here to book.


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