The LPC810 - an 8-pin DIP ARM processor

If you're interested in Electronics you will know that ARM-based chips are found at the heart of many fantastic consumer products: mobile phones, tablets, and of course the Raspberry Pi.

ARM technology has been hackable for a while. I first met the mbed a couple of years back. It's useful, and fun, but what I want now is an ARM board that I've designed and built myself.

Sadly, my ageing eyes and fingers make SMD soldering a challenge. What I need is an ARM processor in DIP format.

And here it is!

nxp actually make two DIP ARM chips. This one is the LP810 - a 32-bit processor in an amazing DIP8 package. Adafruit have a super tutorial on how to breadboard and program it - just what I want.

That promises to be fun, and opens up all sorts of possibilities: imagine stripboard-based projects with a 50MHz 32-bit processor at their heart.

The LCP801 should keep me busy for a while, but I've just ordered its big brother, the LPC1114. That offers
  • 50 MHz
  • 32KB Flash
  • 8KB SRAM
  • SPI
  • I2C
  • 10-bit ADC
  • 1×16-bit timer
  • 2×32-bit timers
in a DIP28 package.

Farnell does not carry the DIP version of the LPC1114 but I got a single chip at a reasonable price from a UK seller on eBay. Now I just need to buy some time :)

Farnell does carry the LPC810, which costs an amazing £0.82 + VAT.


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