Sunday, 15 June 2014

Making the Shrimp - the eBook is on its way

I've been working hard on the notes for the Shrimping It workshop I'll be running as a diversion at BCS SPA next week.

A Shrimp
The diversion is running on Monday 30th at 19:15. That's slightly later than the time I originally posted.

The notes should be useful to anyone who wants a detailed guide to building a Shrimp, and I've decided to open source them under a CC Share-Alike Non-Commercial License.

The notes are currently a work in progress, but I'll be editing and completing them on-line over the next few days. I will publish them as an eBook on LeanPub with a minimum price of £0.00. This means that you can 'buy' the book for free and get future updates as they become available.

The eBook is not quite ready for publishing yet, but there's a sample available up on GitHub. When you click on the link you'll be offered a chance to view the whole file; that will download a copy of the pdf for you to view at your leisure. I'll remove the sample from GitHub once the book has been published. Until then, it's here.

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