IoT Security Analogies wanted, please

Lunchtime at Covent Garden
I've just got back from a delightful lunch near Covent Garden with an old friend, Ron Condon.

Way back in the early 80s, I was running a software house and Ron was editor of a rising upstart newspaper called datalink.

The industry hadn't yet been infested by PR roaches, and I was able to build up a great relationship with one of Ron's reporters. We gave datalink lots of good stories and they gave us lots of good press coverage.

Many years have gone by. Ron and I have both retired, and we have both found things to do that keep us busier than ever. Ron now edits contributions to The Analogies Project, which finds and shares analogies that help non-specialists understand issues in IT security.

I'm getting more and more worried about the in-security of the Internet of Things. My post-lunch homework is to come up with an analogy which can help the person in the street understand why IoT security matters so much, and why it cannot safely be retro-fitted. Suggestions welcome!


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