Virtual friends become real at OSHUG

Last night I went along to an excellent free meeting organised by OSHUG (the Open Source Hardware User Group).

The timing couldn't have been better. The topic was Manufacturing, and we had three excellent presentations about the realities of bringing Open Source Hardware products to market. Since quick2wire is going to open source our Hardware, Software and Documentation, this was spot on for me!

The talks were great, but the session in the pub was also really useful, and fun. I got to meet two people I've previously only known on-line: Sukkin Pang, the founder of SK Pang electronics, and Aaron Nielsen  who runs .:oomlout:. here in the UK. Both are great guys, really ready to share information and help us out. I also got to make a whole raft of other new friends from the Open Source Hardware community.

The group meets once a month and I shall certainly be going along to future sessions. You can find out more at their website.


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