Another morsel of Pi

We're in the last stages of stealth mode, so you'll have to wait a little longer to find out what we're up to. At least the quick2wire website is now officially open. No content yet but you can already subscribe to our mailing list and get more information as soon as we release it.

Like you, we're eagerly awaiting the sale of the first production versions of Raspberry Pi. There are 100,000 of us on the mailing list waiting to buy it and over 20,000 followers on twitter. Raspberry Pi is the result of great dedication from the small team of volunteers who've got us this far. They've earned their huge following.

Good to see today that the customised remix of Fedora should be ready for download on Wednesday. Now that the hardware is coming off the line, the vital thing will be to make sure that there is a stable, feature-rich, well-documented software environment. Pi's army of enthusiastic supporters can make a real contribution to that.


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