Two steps closer to our Raspberry Pi add-on

oomlout's ARDX starter kit
Over at Quick2Wire we're two steps closer to the launch of our Rapsberry Pi add-on - an experimenter's kit, inspired by the many great starter kits you can get for the Arduino. (I've often mentioned my favourite, the oomlout starter kit, which started me on this road a couple of years ago.)

We've had quite a few people signing up for email news at our rather minimalist website. Today I'll be sending out a few details of what we have in mind, along with a very short questionnaire about the contents of the planned kit.

Meanwhile I'm prototying the board that will be at the heart of the kit. It uses a few surface mount devices.

I'm a bit old to be soldering things I can hardly see, but I've just got the first level shifter chip mounted on a DIP board, and I'm hoping to breadboard a working interface over the week-end.

Of course, we don't have a Raspberry Pi to test against yet (hint, Liz!), so we will be using BeagleBones until we do. Both can be programmed in Python, both use 3.3 volt I/O, and both run Linux, so the move from Beagle to Pi should be fairly painless.

I'll be posting more as work progresses, and we'll have more information on the Quick2Wire website soon.

Meanwhile, if you're interested, drop by the site and sign up for email updates.


  1. Just a quick correction: it's oomlout, not oolmout (the link is correct, though)

  2. Thanks - I'll fix right away. I know the name well - I just can't type ;)

  3. lol at the previous comment. this looks great, can't wait to see what the final kit looks like! Would be great to see some environmental sensors in there!


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