BeagleBoard Python I2C code and examples on Github

I've pushed my Beagleboard Python I2C library up to GitHub, along with the sketch I used to create an  Arduino I2C slave that drives an LCD. (A slave driver?)

It's in a public repository at

This is alpha code; the API will change;  the code may not work and/or may do bad things. Use it at your own risk.

More coming soon. (Stop press: that will include a non-blank README )

If you aren't familiar with Git/GitHub,  there is good reference material here.


  1. Have you ever gotten both 12c interfaces on the P8/P9 headers working at the same time? the i2c device I am working on happens to be fixed address and sit exactly on the same address as the cape board eeprom driver does, and that is not a kernel module, so I can not unload it.


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