Anastasia is a simple home-brew robot - now on GitHub

Anastasia V1
Anastasia (my latest home-brew robot) is now on GitHub.

The code is described in a series of articles on this blog. I've listed them at the end of this post.

I've made rapid progress with Anastasia and will do more work on her today.

Anastasia is currently driven by a pair of micro:bits. The motor is managed by an on-board micro:bit connected to a Kitronik motor controller and I control Anastasia over radio using a second micro:bit.

Anastasia is working, but needs some minor enhancements to the code and electronics. I may also need to replace the motors which run a bit unevenly. Once I've done the upgrades I'll post a video of Anastasia in operation.

Soon I'll replace the on-board micro:bit by an Adafruit clue which will be controlled via Bluetooth.

Eventually I'll add an on-board camera.

Articles in this series:

1. The original article introducing the robot.
2. This short update.
3. A detailed walk-though of the controller code.
4. A detailed walk-through of the code that runs on the robot.


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