And the winner is...

Andy of workshopshed fame came up with the winning title for Saturday's micro:bit introductory workshop: 'Microbit MicroPython in 60 minutes'.

Thanks to everyone who entered. You had some great ideas, but I'm going with Andy's entry. His title is short and to the point. It tells you exactly what to expect.

Andy's Kitronik inventor's kit is on its way to him, and he is kindly sending me a really useful bit of hardware in return. It's a BitScope blade duo Pi.

Since Dyalog APL can seamlessly use multiple cores on multiple CPUs that gives me an 8-core 2Gb super-Pi for my Neural Network research!

I didn't expect to get anthing in return for the inventor's kit, but that sort of response is what makes it so great to be part of the maker community. Thanks, Andy.

If you want to get started with MicroPython on the micro:bit, and you're in the Cambridge area, why not come along on Saturday? You can book here.


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