Raspberry Pi and Pints at Potton

I'm off to Potton tomorrow for a Pint or two at the Rising Sun with fellow Raspberry Pint enthusiasts. These informal sessions are run by Mike Horn and Tim Richardson, who also organise the excellent CamJams.

If Pi and Pints appeal, there are still a few tickets available on Eventbrite. The event is free, and the tickets are there to make sure the room at the pub doesn’t get overcrowded.

A gardening project

I'll be taking along a project for my wife's greenhouse. It involves linking a Pi at home to a XinoRF in the greenhouse at her allotment using wireless radio.

The Pi uses wireless things' Slice of Radio. The XinoRF (also from wireless things) is a wireless-enabled Arduino clone.

The basic set-up now works well, but getting it going has been trickier than I expected.

I'll be describing the mistake I made and its simple solution in next week's edition of my free newsletter, along with additional details of the software at each end.

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