C3Pi gets a wifi update

C3Pi B+ Pi, Quick2Wire board and downverter
I'm busily working on C3Pi ready for his outing to the Raspberry Jam at Southend this Saturday.

I'll be setting up my own mini-wifi network, but sometimes wifi doesn't work as it should. I need a way of configuring the Pi that doesn't rely on networking, just in case.

When the Raspberry Pi model B+ first came out I built a downverter - a cable which links the 40-pin header on the B+ to the old-style 26-way connectors. I linked it to a Quick2Wire interface board and plugged in an FTDI cable, which I connected to my laptop's serial port.

Once I'd installed gkterm on the laptop I could log in to C3Pi using the serial console. So now I have a safety net! I don't think I'll need it, as I've also got the laptop, my phone and C3Pi chatting away happily on the private network, but it's good to know I've got options.

I'm hoping to control C3Pi via a tablet or phone at the Jam, and for the next three days I'll be blogging about progress as I go.

There are still tickets left for this Saturday's Jam. Get yours here.


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