C3Pi gets a Raspberry Pi B+ and a face lift


C3Pi, the tracked robot that I've been working on for several years, just got a new brain: a Raspberry Pi model B+.

The old version used a Model B with an Arduino micro. This one will probably use a Teensy 3.0 as the Pi's companion.

(Less) Power to the Raspberry Pi

The main reason for upgrading the Pi is the reduced power consumption, but the extra mounting holes also appealed.

I took the opportunity of replacing C3Pi's old stripboard top with a proper pololu board, and the result looks much neater.

I've added the motor controller which also provides a regulated 5v supply. My next job is to make a small circuit board to hold the Teensy and provide connection points to the Pi and the controller.

C3Pi at Southend - Saturday 12 August

C3Pi will be making an appearance at Southend this Saturday. The Southend Raspberry Pi Jammers are holding a big summer meeting, and C3Pi will be one of the many attractions. Book your tickets here!


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