Arduino e-course is filling up fast!

There are just two places left on next week's course!

After that, when you ask to enrol on the course you will be booked on the next free e-course which will start in late July/early August.

SK Pang's component kit for the course
The welcome email for next week's course will be going out tomorrow. It includes details of the components you need for the experiments in weeks three four and five.

I've arranged for these to be available as a kit from SK Pang for just £9.90 + VAT and shipping.

I'll post a link as soon as the kits are in the Shop.

On the course you will learn how to
  • use the serial port to communicate between your computer and the Arduino
  • write a simple library that you and others can reuse in multiple projects
  • control a family of LEDs to display ripple patterns and binary numbers
  • communicate with the outside world by making sounds from inside your sketches
  • respond to light levels using an LDR sensor


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