Great service from Tayda Electronics

Shrimping factory
One great strength of the Open Source community is our willingness to share information.

Whether it's a new technique, a new program or a new supplier, we're happy to tell others what we've discovered.

Shrimping with Tayda

Cefn Hoyle's Shrimping It! website offers excellent value for people who want to build the Shrimp low-cost Arduino clone. I got the supplies for the Spa Shrimping session from my usual UK suppliers, but it would have been cheaper to get them from Cefn.

The Shrimping It! site also tells you about Tayda Electronics. That's the company from whom the Makers of Morecambe buy supplies.

I decided to try Tayda and placed a small order a few days ago.

Fast delivery

The Tayda website is clean, fast-loading and easy to navigate.

28 pin ZIF
Their prices are very competitive, but I was worried that my order would take a long while to arrive. Tayda are based in Bangkok and Colorado, and I live in the UK.

I need not have worried. My order arrived within a week. That's fine when I am buying the parts for a workshop. The savings make the slight delay worthwhile.

One component I ordered was a 28-pin 0.3" width Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) socket. This cost $1.39. Most UK vendors don't stock them, and most of those those that do charge £2.50 or more.


If you need reliable and inexpensive components, and can wait a few days, take a look at Tayda.

I'd love to learn about your bargain suppliers; if you have one to share, please leave a comment below.


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