Value USB to TTL cables from Tronisoft

Followers will know that I have a boxful of hand-built Arduino clones, some of which will soon be finding good homes with my colleagues at quick2wire.

The only snag is that the clones don't have on-board FTDI chips, so you need a USB to TTL converter - a cable or a breakout board.

The cables typically cost around £15, so I was delighted to find a version at around £9 including VAT from Tronisoft Limited. I ordered three which arrived today; the one I've tried works fine.

The only thing to watch out for is that the 6-way cable (which resembles the ones I'm used to) is out of stock, so I had to order cables with a 7-way connector. The seventh socket is connected to a shield, and it looks as if it can be left unconnected.

Do your own evaluation before you buy, but it seems like a bargain to me.


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