Pick and Place on a budget - Part 2

More progress on our human-controlled Pick and Place machine.

I now have the threaded rod and stepper motors, and Mark Gilbey is coming here next week to discuss the mechanical design.

We plan to build a manually-controlled Pick and Place machine with 4 degrees of freedom, (X, Y, Z and rotation) which will vacuum up an SMT part, move it to the right position on the board, align it and then place it on the board. We'll use a joystick and pot to control it, while we watch what is going on through a USB microscope.

The USB microscope works with OpenCV, so we can leave the door open to an automated PnP robot. I  wonder what we should use as the processor board?


  1. I would definitely go with an arduino. I have been using them a lot lately for my projects and I have been considering getting a mega.

  2. I've used Arduino a lot, and really like it. But we will use the Raspberry Pi, because one day we want the controller to process the video from the USB microscope.


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