Arduino on a budget - part 5

Introducing the Veroduino

The Veroduino is inspired by the Paperduino, Adafruit's Boarduino and Oomlout's Breadboard Arduino Compatible Kit. I built it on a length of Vero's 01-0171 stripboard. It's a narrow board with a central gap in the conductive strips. It's perfect for DIL components. I used Oomlout's Arduino Compatible Component Bundle and a set of stackable headers.

The Veroduino Mk 1 has room for a 5v regulated power supply but for now I am using the FTDI USB TTL serial cable from Oomlout to program the board and to provide power. Veroduino Mk 1 almost fits on the stripboard but the Crystal overhangs the edge by about a millimeter. Mk2 will use a ceramic resonator and should be both cheaper and smaller.

The cost of the Veroduino is under £15 inc VAT. You will also need a serial cable (£15.50 inc VAT). Oneof these can be used to program as many Veroduino boards as you want. You can develop and download software to the Veroduino using the Arduino development environment.

Over the next couple of days I will write up the design and publish details here.


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