More Raspberry Pi Pico experiments

If you're exploring the Raspberry Pi pico, here are some more resources


I've started a new project called MicroPlot. It's been developed on the Pico though it will eventually work on other  micro-controllers and computers. It's a minimal plotting package and it already has enough functionality to be useful.

It will plot simple line plots; the first example below is a series if sine waves and the second shows the voltage across a capacitor as it charges and discharges.

Plotting Sine waves

Capacitor charging and discharging

MicroPlot has its own project on GitHub. You can read about it and download the code at and I will be soon be using it for some more electronics experiments.

Using the UART

The current MicroPython documenation for the Raspberry Pi Pico is a bit thin on detail about using the UART. I've added a short example in my pico-code project on GitHub.

The Tiny2040 is available from Pimoroni!

Pimoroni Tiny2040

I was lucky enough to get an early pre-production version of the Pimoroni Tiny2040.

It's now available in the Pimoroni shop.

You'll find a couple of simple examples in my pico-code project. They are in the


Over the years I've blogged about a number of implementations of resistomatic, a home-made resistance meter. Most of them use an 8-bit ADC which complicates the design because 8 bits give a low resolution. The pico's ADCs are 12-bit. My crude design just needs a bridge that compares the voltages across the reustor to be measured and a know 1K ohm resistor. It's accurate enough (5%) for my purposes across a range of resistance. I've checked it with resistors ranging from 56R to 100K ohms.

You'll find the code and little more information at

More on the way

I've several more Pico projects in the pipeline. To stay up-to-date as I release them, follow @rareblog on twitter.

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