Raspberry Pi fun with the Pimoroni Explorer Hat

Pimoroni Explorer Hat Pro
I love the pirate crew at Pimoroni more than ever!

Last week Pimoroni ran a series of competitions on twitter. The prizes were gift tokens and I was lucky enough to win one.

My Pirate booty included an Explorer Hat Pro and a parts kit. I've been playing with them ever since.

The Hat lets you protoype Raspberry Pi projects in minutes.

You don't need to do any soldering and the Python library is quick to install, well written and commented and really easy to use.

One good turn deserves another

I suspect that beginners would welcome more  'how-to' guides, and I'm putting some together.

I plan to publish open source code on GitHub, and to publish detailed instructions in a low-cost e-book.

If you've got suggestions or ideas for content that you'd be happy for me to use,  let me know in a comment, or tweet your ideas to @rareblog on Twitter.


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