Another Splendid Shrimpy Southend Raspberry Jam

Last Saturday I went to the monthly Raspberry Jam at Southend-on-Sea to run another Shrimping It! workshop. I've run several of these before but this is the first one I've run at an event that focusses on the Raspberry Pi.

Arduino and Pi

There's a growing interest in using Arduinos (or clones) in tandem with the Raspberry Pi.  Cefn Hoile, father of the Shrimp Arduino clone, has even co-authored a book on the subject.

Alex Eames, of RasPi.TV fame, has a project called RasPiO Duino on Kickstarter. Its Arduino-compatible board sits on the Raspberry Pi header, and you can program and control the AVR chip from the Raspberry Pi. The Kickstarter is still open. If you want a RasPiO Duino, back it today!

I've been keen on the approach for a while, and I use it in C3Pi.

It's not surprising that many Raspberry Jams now encourage talks and workshops on the Arduino, and that's why I was at the Southend Jam.

Making the Shrimp and other attractions

I've visited the Southend Jams several times before. They're a friendly, lively community, and this time over 400 people signed up for the event. The Making the Shrimp workshop went well but it was just one of a series of great talks and workshops, covering everything from Quadcopters to Wearable Electronics.

Want to make your own Shrimp?

If you missed the workshop and like the idea of making the Shrimp, I've written a short, low-cost e-book which tells you exactly what to do.

The book tells you where to get the components you'll need. They cost abut £10.

Coming soon

The event inspired me to resume work on a related e-book. I hope to have more news about that in the next few days.

Want a workshop at your event?

The word about Making the Shrimp is spreading, and I run workshops pretty regularly. If you'd like me to run one at your event, contact me on G+ or twitter


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