Wearable electronics with Gemma and Flora

From Wembley to Southend

Adafruit Gemma
This evening I'm off to Createspace in Wembley to work on some wearable electronics. I'm helping with a wearable electronics workshop at this weekend's Southend Raspberry Jam, and I need to practice!

I've been to several Raspberry Jams at Southend, and thoroughly enjoyed them. There's always a strong local presence as well as a group of regular visitors from further away. Great talks and workshops - whether you're an beginner at making things or an old hand, you'll find interesting and helpful people.


Createspace is my nearest maker space. I've been to the London Hackspace, which is awesome, but it takes me a while to get there from home. Createspace has an impressive collection of facilities and is much easier for me to get to. They have open nights, and there's a regular meetup for electronic hackers.

Gemma and Flora

Tonight I'll be experimenting with Adafruit's Gemma and Flora. Gemma is tiny; Flora is a little larger, but adds support for I2C. Both are supported by a specially configured version of the Arduino IDE which is available from the Adafruit Website.

My goal tonight is just to get familiar with the available libraries and get a simple proof-of-concept working. Once I feel comfortable I have a little project in mind. More details soon.

Advice, please!

I'm looking forward to helping at this Saturday's workshop but I'm a slightly nervous novice :)

If you have any tips or gotchas, do please tell me about them in a comment! I'd really appreciate it.


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