Thank you, ragworm!

I've just had a nice surprise.

Last November I ordered and received a PCB from ragworm, and I've only just got around to assembling and testing it.

lobstar v 0.2
I'm very happy with the board. It was my first PCB design using Fritzing, and in this version I introduced a spurious PCB trace. It's turned out to be easy to fix. (I used the high-tech solution of cutting the relevant track with a craft knife.)

The area around the capacitor looks a bit messy because I soldered in a 100pF capacitor instead of a 100nF capacitor and had to remove it - it's not a manufacturing problem.

The project is a breadboard-friendly Arduino clone inspired by the low-cost, minimalist shrimp. I need a bunch of them - that's why I needed to install burn boot-loaders - and I have a batch of three boards with a corrected design on its way here from OSH PARK in the US. I will need even more of the boards, though, and this morning I spotted an old email from ragworm which has solved my problem.

I originally ordered a single board from ragworm, but they made four, just in case! The three spares have been waiting patiently on the shelf, and the email (sent last December) offered them to me at a very attractive price. Today I asked if the offer was still open, and got confirmation within minutes of my email. I've snapped up the offer, and three more boards are on their way to me.


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