Arduino I2C Data Logging Board

I'm making great progress with my family of I2C™-based Test Equipment.

This data logger is one of the smallest, cheapest and simplest boards so far. It uses a 247C256 eeprom memory which has an I2C interface. This gives 32k bytes of external memory. The chip is widely available for £1 or so.
This picture includes a five-pence piece to give some impression of the scale.

If you're logging something like sunlight or wind speed, 32k bytes allows you to log an 8-bit value every minute for over 22 days.

A small design change would add more memory; the chip has eight possible addresses, so a board can contain eight of these chips, storing a total of 256k bytes. Other chips offer even greater memory capacity.

The back of the strip board has just 3 breaks, with pins 1-4 of the chip strapped to ground. That sets the configurable part of the chip's I2C address to 0.

You can drive the board with the Arduino's Wire library, and there is a sketch using this chip in the Arduino playground.


  1. I live this and can see some very valuable usage for this design.



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